Stop Calling Donald Trump Crazy

After Trump’s most recent twitter tirade, in which in personally attacked Mika Brzezinski’s intelligence, sanity and appearance (which is quite a lot to cover in a single tweet, even for him, so he used two) the Left once again began calling into question the man’s sanity, emotional state and fitness for the office.


But once again, they have it all wrong.

Donald Trump isn’t crazy. He’s just like us. And that’s why so many Americans love and support him.

He’s just an average Joe, just like you’re likely to see in any city or town in America. He’s the guy who gets out of his car at a stop light and pounds on your car window because you cut him off five miles back. He’s the guy who yells at the waitress at the IHOP because she brought him a side of sausage when he’d clearly ordered the bacon. He’s the guy who….well, you know the guy. You see it every day.

He’s not going to let anybody take advantage of him. He’s going to stand up for himself, and he’s not going to be forced by the God damned language police to use your God damned PC words.

Those folks at MSNBC were clearly trying to make him look bad when they said …whatever it was they said about him. It doesn’t even matter what it was, because they clearly have an agenda and that is to bring him down. All those folks in the fake media have the same agenda. They are all working for the Democrats and they don’t want to see him succeed. And how pathetic is that, because when the President of the United States succeeds, we all succeed.

Donald Trump didn’t get to be one of the richest people in the world by letting people take advantage of him. He knows he has to be tough to make sure that he gets what’s rightfully his. And don’t tell me you wouldn’t want to be just as rich as he is. Because that’s just BS. And if you don’t want to be tough as nails, well that’s just your problem.

Donald Trump isn’t crazy. Or unbalanced. Or unfit. He’s strong. He says what he thinks. He strikes back hard when people attack him. As his wife says, when he gets attacked, he will punch back ten times harder. That’s the way you have to be in this world, otherwise it will chew you up and spit you out before you can even say boo.

America used to be strong like that. Before the pansy liberals got at things. We stood up to the bad guys like Hitler. We didn’t win World War 2 buy being meek or wimpy or polite. We went in and kicked butt and got the job done. And thank God we did or Europe would probably still be in deep shit. And who won the Cold War? That’s right. America did. Strong America with a strong guy like Ronald Reagan. Did he say pretty please and mother may I? No, Goddammit. He said Tear down this fucking wall.

So what if he gets a few things wrong now and then? Don’t we all. But you know what? It doesn’t matter. Because we know what he means. And don’t pretend you don’t.

He’s doing what we all want to do, what we wish we could do, and he’s doing it on the world stage, so the world knows that America is strong again, and won’t take any BS from anybody. And he’s making all of us all feel good again and strong again and GREAT again.

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