Enough with the 3rd party threats

Hey, all you whiners out there who are going to vote for the third-party candidate because you have too much integrity to vote for Crooked Hillary, let me ask you something. How come you’re suddenly so concerned about our elections? How many of you actually voted in the primary? Oh, you voted for Bernie, did you? Well, that was too easy. What about at the state and local level? Did you vote there? Did you actively research the candidates running for office during the primaries? Did you vote for city council? For school board? Did you vote in 2014? 2012? Did you think strategically at that point about building a Democratic Party that was filled with elected officials that represent the 99%?

Did you do your research and support only those candidates that will make a real difference to the actual problems you are complaining about NOW, with 40 days to go until the Presidential Election? Have you been working hard for decades to fill the presidential pipeline with Congresspeople, Senators and Governors who have pledged to support meaningful campaign finance reform? To close the revolving door between business and government regulators? To limit the power of lobbyists on our legislative process? To improve the system that you are criticizing NOW?

Stop threatening to vote for Jill Stein because it’s a “tactical vote” or a “protest vote.” And because the Green Party is our only hope to make meaningful change. Remember Ralph Nader? There’s your meaningful change: eight years of George W. Bush, a financial meltdown, and a destabilized middle east that is such a mess we can’t even pretend to understand how to unravel it.

Let me tell you this. It’s called a two party system for a reason. The reason is TWO PARTIES. Jill Stein is not going to win this election. She isn’t even on the ballot in all 50 states. Gary Johnson is not going to win this election. A third party candidate is NOT going to win. And any vote for one risks throwing this election to Donald Trump.

YOU WANNA MAKE A STATEMENT? GET A BUMPER STICKER. But don’t jeopardize this country by turning it over to a lunatic who even members of his own party –even the cowards who have endorsed him for crissake, say isn’t qualified, doesn’t have the temperament or the intelligence or the intellectual capacity to do the most difficult and most important job on Earth.

Get involved starting November 9. Start a grassroots movement. Research the issues. Run for office. Vote Green. Do something. Just don’t do it on November 8.

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